Refrigeration Services

Teletemp Mechanical Corp has helped thousands of customers just like you. We repair and replace coolers, freezers, heating systems, and specialize in ice machines. We can also help with your resident heating and cooling systems or anything from a simple indoor walk in cooler to a full self-service merchandising glass door cooler. We can help you design a cooler or freezer to your preferences whether it be for your grocery store, gas station, hospital, restaurant or government facility.

If you’re facing trouble with your refrigeration equipment, CALL (516 352-1900) TeleTemp Mechanical Corp. We offer FREE estimates on equipment replacement.

Reliable Refrigeration Repairs

  • Ice machines
  • Walk-in refrigerators
  • Grocery coolers
  • Freezers
  • Rack systems

Whether you run a restaurant or a school, you know just how important it is to keep your commercial refrigerator in good working condition. When a problem crops up, it costs you money by the minute. Don’t delay in contacting the trustworthy technicians at Teletemp Mechanical Corp for refrigerator repair. The sooner you give us a call, the sooner we can whip your refrigerator back into shape.

We’re confident in our ability to repair your commercial refrigerator as quickly as possible, with minimal disruptions to your busy schedule. This is why all our locations offer services at a time that works best for you.

At Teletemp Mechanical Corp, we have more than 30 years of mission-critical experience. That means when your inventory is on the line, we have the expertise to not only find the root of the problem but to fix it so you can protect your inventory and keep your business doors open.

Experienced Technicians

The team of technicians at Teletemp Mechanical Corp has over 30 years combined experience in the repair, maintenance, and installation of a wide variety of refrigeration systems in NYC area. We understand the importance of these systems to any business and are available in case of an emergency. Our team prides itself on excellent customer care and strives to keep your refrigeration systems operating at peak performance via scheduled preventive maintenance and the use of the highest quality products.

What’s important to you and your business is important to us. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We go and look at the job to provide you with an estimate!