Mitsubishi Heat Queens

Mitsubishi Heat Queens
TeleTemp Heating and Cooling Experts are licensed dealers of ductless Mitsubishi heat. Queens residents and those in the surrounding areas count on us for reliable service. Mitsubishi is well known for manufacturing top of the line, innovative alternatives to traditional HVAC systems. Mitsubishi heating systems are discreet, efficient, and affordable.

Clean, Warm Air With Mitsubishi Heat Queens

Mitsubishi heating systems are considered ductless systems, otherwise known as split systems. These heating units mount directly on your wall and don’t require costly and intrusive ductwork. The outdoor units are comprised of a compressor and condenser and are much smaller than HVAC units. The outdoor unit is connected via copper tubing to the indoor unit, where the air is heated and blown directly into the room.

Because of this, split systems are a wonderful option for apartments or homes with smaller outdoor space. Mitsubishi heat in Queens is perfect for the many apartment buildings and small residences that line the city streets. Mitsubishi heating units are whisper quiet and take very little time to install, so you don’t have to worry about your household being disrupted during installation or service.

Mitsubishi Heat Queens Provides Ample Heat

You may think that because these systems are smaller and easier to install, they compromise on heating capacity. Actually, the truth is quite the opposite. These systems offer ample heat throughout the winter despite their small size because they mount directly on the wall, thus eliminating the need for costly ductwork and associated construction.

Depending on the BTU capacity, one unit is usually enough to heat a small apartment. For larger homes, we design a series of units, strategically placed to provide the most heat while still being cost-effective. We’ve been working with Mitsubishi heat in Queens residences for a long time, so we know how to get the most out of these little powerhouse units.

Mitsubishi Heat in Queens Stays Warm All Winter

TeleTemp Heating and Cooling Experts are all licensed and certified technicians. We have experience installing, repairing, and maintaining a variety of heating and cooling systems. When we design a custom system for you, our goal is to find the most energy-efficient solution, which will save you money on utilities while reducing your environmental footprint. Find out how TeleTemp Heating and Cooling Experts can fill your home with comfortable, clean Mitsubishi heat; Queens residents looking for a better alternative to costly HVAC should call us today at (800) 669-8603.

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