Fujitsu Heat Brooklyn

Fujitsu Heat BrooklynTeleTemp Heating and Cooling Experts provide supplemental or whole house heating with Fujitsu heaters in Brooklyn. Residents can find the warmth needed to get through the harsh winters with our systems.

Fujitsu Heat Brooklyn Staying Warm All Winter

Like traditional HVAC systems, Fujitsu heaters use an outdoor compressor and condenser fan to generate air. The compressor and condenser are placed outside the home to cut down on the noise of the fan. However, Fujitsu heaters are small, so unlike their giant HVAC cousins, they don’t require a lot of basement space, which is ideal for apartment homes in New York. Fujitsu heat in Brooklyn can be placed right outside the apartment, providing more than enough heat for your home without having to worry about heating the whole building.

Save Money and Space With Fujitsu Heat Brooklyn

TeleTemp Heating and Cooling Experts’ Fujitsu heaters eliminate other bulky components of traditional HVAC systems as well. They don’t require an evaporating unit or large, unsightly ductwork. Fujitsu systems work by moving the coolant through copper tubing. The indoor unit mounts neatly on your wall. When you use the air conditioning, coolant is sent through the tubing to the unit. When you use heat, the process is reversed. The outdoor unit will filter and compress heat in the air and pump it through the tubing. You get year-round, efficient heating, without the ductwork and additional components you’d need with an HVAC system.

Fujitsu heaters are easy to install and can be installed quickly. The tubing is run through a small, 2-4 inch hole drilled in the wall to the outside. The tubing is then attached to both the indoor and outdoor unit. It’s discrete, compact, and efficient. Low profile Fujitsu heat in Brooklyn is excellent for smaller apartment home living where multiple HVAC units would be costly to install and impede on living space. Fujitsu heaters are reliable, efficient, and quiet.

Find Out About Fujitsu Heat Brooklyn Today!

TeleTemp Heating and Cooling Experts serve Brooklyn, NY and surrounding areas. We’re licensed Diamond Dealers, installers, and repair technicians of Fujitsu heating systems. We offer some of the most competitive pricing in the industry, and we’re experienced in working with heating systems of any type. We can install a system as is, or design one to meet the specific needs of your home. We also offer maintenance plans to keep your heater running well for years to come. Call us today at (800) 669-8603 to learn about a Fujitsu heater Brooklyn and beyond.

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