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Everyone spends most of their waking time either in the office or at home and staying in a comfortable office and living in a cozy home is very important. Additionally, staying healthy throughout the year is a factor that should be considered. If you are concerned about keeping your home or office temperature warm during winter, and if you feel your existing heating system do not meet your requirements, Tele Temp Cooling and Heating is always available to assist you. We have been offering cooling and heating solutions in the Bronx Area for more than 2 decades now, and we are happy to say that the level of service we give our customers is the main reason that made Tele Temp Cooling and Heating best in the HVAC industry.

We believe that a heating system that is well maintained can help us improve the air quality that we breathe indoors.

Tele Temp Cooling and Heating is a qualified and dependable heating contractor that specializes in repair, design and installation and preventive maintenance services. All our heating and cooling system specialists are guaranteed to give you professional and reasonably priced services. Our company is licensed, bonded and insured.  Our service technicians only use the most modern equipment and the latest technology in each project that we do.

Tele Temp Cooling and Heating would initially make a thorough assessment of the job prior to giving you an estimate cost. We will make sure that we know and as about the specifications of your existing system to have a better evaluation of the steps that we need to do and/or components that need replacement. After this, you will be given an estimate of the project cost in writing, including the breakdown of the total amount. We have certified and professional service specialist equipped with years of experience making them knowledgeable to install, maintain and repair all types of heating as well as cooling systems both for residential and commercial use. Once the task is performed, our technician will give you proper handling instructions to properly maintain your unit.

You may contact us at (516) 352-1900. Call us anytime and we will give you the most affordable package for your heating and cooling needs.