Air Conditioning Long Island

Air Conditioning Long Island
If you are looking for a solution for air conditioning Long Island homes at an affordable rate, TeleTemp Heating and Cooling Experts has it. We offer custom-designed air conditioning systems based on the individual heating and cooling needs of your home. Whether you need a system powerful enough for a large estate or something to cool a small, one bedroom apartment, we’ll find you the most efficient and affordable option.

Central Air Conditioning Long Island

We work with a variety of systems and manufacturers to provide our customers with the best options for their home. Air conditioning in Long Island can get costly in the summer, so our goal is to design the most efficient system possible. The two main types of systems are traditional central air and newer, more innovative ductless systems.

You may already be familiar with how central air works. The cooling unit is installed inside the home and blows conditioned air through a series of ducts. The components that collect and treat outdoor air (the compressor and the condenser) are placed outside the home. With traditional central air and HVAC systems, these units can be quite large and noisy. The benefit is that they’re good at their jobs: they provide ample heated or cooled air quickly. They’re a dependable solution for larger homes or those that have more demanding needs.

Ductless Air Conditioning in Long Island Residences

Ductless air conditioning systems have an indoor unit that mounts directly on a wall or in a ceiling of your home. The units themselves blow the conditioned air into the room, so they eliminate the need for ductwork. Like an HVAC system, they have an outdoor component. However, the outdoor components of ductless systems are much smaller than those of traditional central air systems.

That makes them a superb option for smaller residences or apartment buildings, which don’t usually have a lot of outdoor space. However, multiple ductless units can be installed in instances where houses need more powerful air conditioning. Long Island residents can contact TeleTemp Heating and Cooling Experts to find out which type of system is best for their needs.

Providing Solutions for Air Conditioning in Long Island Homes

TeleTemp Heating and Cooling Experts are licensed dealers, installers, and repair technicians of HVAC and ductless systems. We work with some of the most well known manufacturers in the industry. When we design a custom system for you, we optimize it for efficiency to save you money. We offer competitive rates and superior customer service. Call us at (800) 669-8603 for anything and everything air conditioning, Long Island and elsewhere.

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